Excerpts of Wisdom

Peace: The Summum Bonum

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Age of Peace I P. 13

Literally meaning the greatest good, summum bonum is an end in itself and at the same time contains all other goods. What, in practice, is the summum bonum? People have different opinions on this. Most people hold that freedom is the greatest good, but freedom cannot be so described. For the summum bonum is something the maximum use of which does not have any negative results, while the unchecked use of freedom can result in anarchy. Anarchy is something which creates...

O Man!

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Reflections on Life and Death I P. 80

Around a dozen eggs were kept on the table. They allseemed alright. But when they were broken, each one of them turned out to be rotten! Not one was good,even though they all looked fine from the outside.

The same is happening with people these days. Externally, everyone seems to be a decent human being. They wear good clothes. They speak wonderful things. They all have a long list of stories of their doings that they love narrating. But if...