Creation Plan of God

Is Man’s Life Governed by Destiny or Free Will?

I am also asked this question often, “if there is destiny, then where is the question of a ‘free will’?” The fact of the matter is that God has provided the infrastructure to man in the form of life support system and the different situations that present themselves to man. This is the destiny part of the matter. Man is; however, free to respond to all these different situations, as he likes. That is his free will or his freedom of choice. In this aspect, he is completely free.

Man and Free-Will

Unlike any other creature in the Universe, man is free in this world. God has not placed any curbs on him. But this freedom is for the purpose of putting man to the test, and is not meant to encourage him to lead a life of permissiveness, like the animals and then just pass away one day. Rather its purpose is that man should lead a morally upright life of his own free will, thus demonstrating that he is of the highest moral character.

What is Man’s Trial?

This limited world in which man finds himself before death, therefore, has all the necessary ingredients for the ‘trial’. It has man as the perfection-seeking creature in a less than perfect world where he has been given complete and full ‘freedom’. Man thus has a ‘choice’ to misuse his freedom by creating havoc, killing people, living a life of leisure or use his freedom wisely by submitting to an unseen God and qualifying for paradise.

God’s Creation Plan

Having established the probability of the existence of God and the Hereafter, we are in a position to understand the Creation Plan of God.

The Hereafter

The existence of man is such a unique phenomenon that no other such example can be found throughout the vastness of the cosmos. Man is rightly called the ‘best of all creations’, which means the best and most meaningful ‘being’ among all the things created. Such a ‘meaningful being’ cannot have been created without a purpose.

Does God Exist?

The concept of God is in the minds of people by nature. It is however covered with a lot of confusion. One of the major obstacles to people accepting the concept of a Universal God is that people cannot see Him and thus do not have a rational argument to prove the existence of God. They believe in the direct or observable argument or primary rationalism and not the unseen or inferential argument or secondary rationalism. This is contrary to the fact today.

God-Oriented Living

It is man’s quest to find the universal principles of life or the supreme reality. In this sense, man is a born seeker – a veritable truth-seeking animal. Every human being regards himself as incomplete until he has found that supreme principle and the ideology of truth by which he can explain his existence in this world and discover the purpose and meaning of his life.

Creation Plan of God

A western philosopher has written that it appears that man is a stranger in this vast universe. It seems that neither has man been made for this world, nor has this world been made for man. Both seem mismatched.