Creation Plan of God


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Creation Plan of God

Although Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) started his career as a military officer, he so distinguished himself whenever opportunities came his way that he finally succeeded in ascending the French throne, having himself proclaimed Emperor of France in 1804. He then set out to conquer the world. In a remarkably short time, he had dominated the whole of Europe except for England. In 1796, he married a charm­ing French lady, Josephine, but divorced her in 1809 as she had failed to bear a successor to the Emperor of Europe.


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Creation Plan of God


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Creation Plan of God


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Creation Plan of God

This is a verse of the chapter of the Quran entitled “Al-Ahqaf”:

“On the day when the unbelievers are brought before the Fire, (We shall say to them): ‘You squandered away your precious things in your earthly life and took your fill of pleasure. An ignominious punishment shall be yours this day, because you behaved with pride without just cause on earth and committed evil.’” (The Quran, 46:20)


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Creation Plan of God

When a murderer is sentenced to death, from the moment the sent­ence is pronounced, he is as good as dead. Whether his execution is to take place the very next day or weeks later is of no consequence: life simply loses all meaning for him. All smiles are wiped from his face and it is with difficulty that he brings himself to speak. His hands, once raised so savagely to rain blows upon the weak and innocent, now hang limp and lifeless by his sides. He becomes a forlorn creature, a mere shadow of his former self.

Human Responsibilities and Human Rights

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I  New Age Islam  I 17 Jan 2014

These days ‘human rights’ are a much-talked about subject. In addition to human rights, there are a great many human responsibilities. But these are not talked-about much today, including in the media, ‘social activist’ and NGO quarters, and even in government circles.

If Man has a Free Will, how is God All-Powerful?

Another question that I am often asked is “If God cannot control man’s action, then how is He All-Powerful”? There is no doubt that God is All-Powerful. However, since He has decided to put man to the test, He has given man a freedom of choice to do what he likes. As if there was no free will, there would be no test. So, in order to test man, God has withheld His power when it comes to man and given him freedom to respond in any way that he wants.

What is a Paradisiacal Personality?

When a paradisiacal personality develops in human beings, the present world is rendered meaningless in their eyes. Their intellectual plane reaches to such heights that everything becomes immaterial. They do not find any fulfillment in the material things of the world. The world of paradise is so perfect that the riches of this world are nothing in comparison to it. Owing to their heightened consciousness, they realize that the present world is not the place that they have been created for. Their hearts cry out to God:

Eligibility for Paradise

In the present world of trial, any man or woman, to be eligible for Paradise, needs to have two qualifications: one is to acknowledge truth of the One God, while He is still unseen and the other is to lead a principled life based on the principles of life laid down by Him. Those men and women who qualify in this test will be given a place in Paradise – where all their desires will be fulfilled. For those who fail in this test, they shall spend their lives in a state of eternal deprivation.