Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda

Just as there are two sides to every life in this world, there are two aspects of every act in relation to this world and the Hereafter. One aspect of each act is our acceptance of it, as what it is seen to be in this world. The other aspect is what results from this act, in terms of the Hereafter.

It is because life in this world is intended to be a testing-ground that the world of the Hereafter remains beyond our reach.

Today, we can see only one aspect of our actions—that of immediate pleasure or gain—but the day of resurrection after death will place us in a position to see much more. Just as a person standing on top of a wall can look down on both sides, so shall we be able to see both aspects of the truth. Not only shall we watch our entire history unreel before us like a film, but also witness the consequences of our own worldly actions.

As the Quran says: Then shall each soul know what it has sent forward (to the Hereafter) and what it has kept back (in the world behind). (Quran, 82: 5).

Whatever was done for worldly reasons will be left behind, unconsidered. Only those actions which were carried out with the Hereafter in mind will benefit us in the life to come.

The present world and the Hereafter are two sides of the same event. The worldly side is trivial and temporary, while the Hereafter side is substantive and permanent. It is to the latter side that we must face up to after death. Here, one has complete freedom to live out one’s worldly existence as one wills; in the life-to-come, one will have no choice about the future course of one’s life. One will either be raised to eternal glory or cast down into the pit of eternal suffering.