What is Man’s Trial?

This limited world in which man finds himself before death, therefore, has all the necessary ingredients for the ‘trial’. It has man as the perfection-seeking creature in a less than perfect world where he has been given complete and full ‘freedom’. Man thus has a ‘choice’ to misuse his freedom by creating havoc, killing people, living a life of leisure or use his freedom wisely by submitting to an unseen God and qualifying for paradise.

Man’s trial rests on his discovery of God, Who is in the Unseen. Before seeing Him, man should voluntarily surrender himself before God. He should be so greatly desirous of paradise that this present world appears meaningless to him. He should adopt divine ethics without any external pressure on him to do so. He should develop his intellectual and spiritual being to such an extent that he produces in himself, the ability to inhabit the refined world of paradise. Paradise is a heavenly colony where peace and love, and noble character prevail. Of the inhabitants of this world only those will find a place in paradise who have succeeded in maintaining a high moral character.