What is the formula for peaceful living in a joint family?

This is a common complaint in joint families. In blood ties, when differences emerge, which is almost daily, are managed. But when the ties are not of blood, and differences emerge, then it is difficult to manage them. Marriage happens outside ties of blood. Now in joint family, mother in-law and wife develop differences as difference is a part of life. Then, the wife would want that when she complains to the husband, the husband should side with her. When he is not able to do so, she develops feelings against them. In this case, the responsibility is 50-50. Both should think about the options they have – either they do not live in a joint family or if they do then they should know that this would happen and they must know how to handle it. Greater evil is to become emotional and not be ready to adjust as wherever you go, there will be some differences which will arise. Lesser evil is to be patient and adjust.