Three Blasts

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Book: Global Warming: The Divine Warning of Doomsday, pp. 50-51 | Nov 27, 2021

From the hadith we learn that three blasts (nafakhat) will be sounded before the Qiyamah. The first will sound an alarm, the second will be the death blow and the third will be the announcement of the resurrection.

In my view, the sounding of the alarm is nothing but the warning signs in the nature of the first blast, revealed by the scientific surveys and expressed in scientific language. The second blast will be the death blow when all people will die and the third blast will herald the resurrection when all human beings will be raised up and brought before their Creator.

The Quran has this to say:

“The Final Hour is sure to come, without doubt, but most people do not believe.” (40:59).

There is no doubt about the coming of the Qiyamah. The signs tell us that now the time has come very close. Now it is the last hour when man may seek forgiveness from God and rush to seek refuge in God’s mercy.