A Simple Guide to Islam

“Islam” is an Arabic word which means “submission, surrender and obedience to God.” In religious terms, this means that the individual who embraces Islam as his religion must put the Almighty first and foremost in his life, bowing to His wishes in all matters. Everything in the universe—the sun, the moon, the stars— have all completely subjugated themselves to His will. The universe, therefore, literally follows the religion of Islam in that it has surrendered to the Lord of the Universe having no other option. Whereas as man has been given free will – his thinking faculty and a conscience, he has a choice to accept and reject to follow certain principles in life. God did not just leave man in a world where there was no way to find the truth. Divine provision was made for man from the beginning of creation. He took Adam, the first man— whom He had made not just an ordinary mortal but also a prophet— and taught him everything that He wanted from man, so that human beings would be given proper direction and guidance. From time to time thereafter, God sent large numbers of prophets to the world— the last of these being the Prophet Muhammad— so that human beings, who tended to stray, could be recalled to the path of virtue. It is said that about one lakh twenty thousand prophets came to the world during this period. Now the question arises as to why there was the need for such great numbers of prophets. It was because after each prophet left the world, people gradually began forgetting his teachings, till a time came when a major part of the teachings of the prophets was lost. When Prophet Muhammad came in the 7th Century AD, paper was available. The message sent to him thus became preserved in the form of the Quran, the Sunnah and the life of the Prophet. Now in the age of the press, these teachings have been extensively published in the form of books, so that there is no fear of their being lost to succeeding generations. Islam, meaning submission to the Almighty, is the preserved version of the same religion sent by God to guide mankind throughout history. A Simple Guide to Islam presents these teachings in a simple manner.

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