The power of spirituality

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | SG Blog | 27 Sep 2020

Some people have extraordinary inherent qualities, due to which they can become masters of all situations. Such individuals can, when they come to a gathering, win the hearts and minds of people simply by appearing there. There is a saying about such persons: They came, they saw, they conquered.

This kind of ability to conquer is not the monopoly of extraordinary people. Any ordinary person can win the hearts and minds of people, provided he knows the law of nature and can avail of it by the power known as the power of spirituality. According to the creation plan of God, all human beings, both men and women, have two quite different qualities – the ego and the conscience. The ego symbolizes arrogance, while the conscience symbolizes modesty.

When one’s conscience is touched it turns into super conscience and the result is complete surrender. This second formula is within the reach of every human being, and can be used quite successfully by him, however unintelligent or ordinary he may be. When you use the formula of conscience you are turning your rival against himself and it is a fact that one can fight against others, but no one has the power to fight against himself. Herein lies the conquering ability of a modest person.

One can say that the second formula is a risky formula. There is every possibility that this kind of behaviour will make the other person more arrogant. He will react more aggressively. But this view is completely unfounded, because it is due to an ignorance of the power of nature, or more precisely, the power of spirituality. According to nature if you challenge someone’s ego, your success is doubtful but when you challenge someone’s conscience, then your success is guaranteed.