The Parallel World

Now, let us come to an understanding of the basic framework of this parallel world. Within this framework, the concepts of “Paradise” and “Hell” will also become clear. Paradise is a resting place for sincere and truth-loving people, while hell is a place for the insolent and the false.

Let us not forget that although our mind is eternal, our bodies are transient. The study of human physiology shows that our body is composed of several living cells, which keep transforming themselves. In this way the body is renewed at regular intervals. It is regenerated just like the water in a running stream. Yet the body eventually dies but the spiritual personality, or the soul, remains unchanged and lives on. This is because the soul can exist even independent of the body.

While everything in this world is so designed as to permit man to develop his personality, we must remember that everything in the present world is finally just a test for man. This could be one reason why the present world is filled with so much bitterness and animosity. These negative experiences have been specifically devised to test man. Man has to prove that he can live with positive feelings even in such negative circumstances. For, only those who are capable of positivity will finally gain admission into Paradise. The others will be thrown into Hell from where there is no escape.

A Satisfactory Explanation

If we go by the theory of cause and effect, is it possible that this entire world could just have been created in vain – with no purpose whatsoever?

Look at the sun, the moon or the tiniest insect—is it conceivable that they could all have been created without any specific purpose?

In fact, to my mind everything appears to have been created for a specific purpose. Even human desires appear to have been created for a purpose. However, this purpose cannot be fulfilled in this present limited world. Since these desires are unlimited, they can only be fulfilled in an unlimited world, i.e. in Paradise.