Only One Chance

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Book: Global Warming: The Divine Warning of Doomsday, pp. 53-55 | Dec 7, 2021

Now the time has finally come for man to awaken, to take lessons from the signs in nature and in history, and plan his life in a way that avails him in his post-death period. One who loses this opportunity should know that another such opportunity is not going to come again.

Man has been given only one chance to build his future. It is now up to him whether he utilizes it or loses it forever. Those who make use of this chance have eternal paradise in store for them, while those who fail to make use of this chance, will have a fate such as is described in the Bible:

“And they will be cast into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth for all eternity.” (Matthew, 13:42)

Only death divides us from Doomsday. We are all proceeding towards a fate which will bring us either eternal bliss or eternal torment. Every moment that passes is bringing us closer to the fate that is in store for us. We lose one day more in our lives every day the sun sets, and we will never have another chance like the present to prepare for this awesome day. We have only a comparatively short time in this world, but will have to endure the consequences of our life on earth forever: either bliss or agonizing punishment.

We are soon going to leave this world where we are free to act, and enter another world where we will reap the consequences of our actions; we must examine our lives before this happens. We will all have to stand before God one day. On that day, how fortunate will be those who are included among God’s faithful servants, for they will be honoured in heaven. How unfortunate will be those whom God rejects, for they will have nothing to look forward to except eternal torment and disgrace.