O Man!

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Reflections on Life and Death  P. 80 | Audio

Around a dozen eggs were kept on the table. They allseemed alright. But when they were broken, each one of them turned out to be rotten! Not one was good,even though they all looked fine from the outside.

The same is happening with people these days. Externally, everyone seems to be a decent human being. They wear good clothes. They speak wonderful things. They all have a long list of stories of their doings that they love narrating. But if you really experience them, you will discover that from the inside they are actually very different. They are beautiful from the outside, but not quite so from the inside.

When a difficult situation arises—when there is a question of a business transaction, when there is some complaint or bitterness, when it is a matter of someone’s interests being hurt, and so on—one discovers that a person’s inner reality is not the same as what appears from the outside. Ugliness is hidden under a beautiful garb. Selfishness, superficiality, show, pride, jealousy, opportunism, prejudice, exploitation—all these are hidden under people’s exteriors. Everyone seems like a ‘good egg’, but the reality is very different if you break the ‘egg’ and see things for yourself.

This is how the world is today. If you deeply examinethings, you will hear either the sadistic laughter of the oppressor or the pathetic cries of the oppressed. You will see people driven by the most terrible impulses to fulfil their selfish desires, or others strewn in a drunken stupor the gutters, in a state of total unawareness and insensitivity.

But this is not going to remain forever. Very soon, the time will come when man will find himself in another world, a world where the power to make decisions will be God’s and not man’s.