Modern Science Echoes the Quran

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Islam and Science | Al-Risala September, 1987

It is both disturbing and puzzling that while Muslims them¬selves have been intent in recent years on publicizing the Islamic cause from political and nationalistic platforms, it has been left to non-Muslims to throw light upon the true relevance of the teachings of Islam. Two scientists of considerable eminence in the field of biology, Dr. Maurice Bucaille, the author of The Bible, The Qur’an and Science and Dr. Keith Moore, Chairman of the Anatomy Department of the University of Toronto, Canada, and author of two important books on embryology, have both expressed their amazement at the scientific accuracy of the Qur’an’s statements about the physical development of human beings. They both feel that it is astonishing that as early as the 7th century, the Quran provided such information as has only become available through scientific research in the last 15 years. Dr. Moore expresses the hope that the relevant Quranic verses “may help to close the gap between science and religion that has existed for so many years.” (The Muslim, Islamabad, December 24, 1984). According to The Muslim, “Dr. Moore’s statement was carried by all Canadian newspapers, and was circulated by the national news agency, the Canadian Press. The Ottawa Citizen carried it on page one with a banner headline.”

The result of Dr. Moore’s research having provided undeni¬able proof of the Quran being the Book of God – for only God has knowledge of all past and future events – Muslims should concentrate on this aspect of Islam to the exclusion of political and national imperatives, for the latter, far from furthering the true cause of Islam, only serve to erect the barriers of antagonism and suspicion. Muslims should stress the fact that the truth is the common concern of all mankind, and that when it is made known with proper emphasis, the walls of prejudice will crumble and fall.