Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Simple Wisdom I P.28

All the things in the market are available on payment of a necessary price. The principle of the market, to be precise, is: ‘you receive as much as you give, neither more nor less.’ This principle is true for the entire human life as well. Someone has aptly said: ‘Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.’

If you are a well-wisher of others, others will also respond in the same way. If you talk to others gently, others too will return gentle words. If you honour others, they too will honour you.

This is a world of give and take. Here man finds only what he has given to others. In short others will behave with you just as you behave with them.

This means that in order to lead a life in this world, finding a good atmosphere is in one’s own power. You become friends of others and everyone will become your friend. If you bear with the unpleasantness of others, then you will find people around you who bear with your unpleasantness. You benefit others and then you will find a world where everyone will be busy benefiting others.

If you want to live like a flower you will find your way to a bed of flowers. But if your existence is replete with thorns, you will find a world full of thorny shrubs.