Man should follow the law of God

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Feb 18, 2018

The Quran states: “God created everything, and He has set for each a measure.” (25:2)This principle is startlingly clear in the world of physics, where research has shown everything in this universe to be governed by laws, which every element adheres to with strict determinism. Physicists marvel at the uniformity of the universe.

Man, however, fails to fit in to this scheme exactly as the universe. This is because man is free to act according to his choice, whereas the universe follows a set course. The Quran exhorts the reader to adopt that course for himself.

Anton Chekhov has rightly said that this world is extremely beautiful. There is only one thing in it which is not beautiful and that is man. In a world where nothing bears enmity against any other thing, man becomes the enemy of man. 

In a world where rains come in order that crops may grow, man destroys them by fire. In a world where harmony is in evidence in all things, man wreaks havoc.

The only way that man can mend the havoc that he has caused on earth is by following the pattern which the rest of the universe adheres to. The forcible subjugation of the universe to the will of God means that man has a model on which to base his life. He also has access to the word of God, which enables him to interpret the message of the universe in a realistic and practical manner. If however, he chooses to follow his desires and forsakes the divinely¬ inspired pattern which the rest of the universe follows absolutely, then he can expect only a world torn by strife and trouble followed by an eternity of despair and remorse.