But it is very difficult

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I  Sep 19, 2021

I once happened to meet a young employee of a multinational company, who complained that his boss promoted other employees, while denying him promotion. I advised him that instead of complaining about his boss, he should improve his own performance, and then the boss would be compelled to acknowledge his good work and would certainly give him in the future what he didn’t give him in the present. In response to this, he said, “You are right, but that would be very difficult to do.”

If those engaged in fighting for their rights were told that the better way to get what is due to them was through their own efforts and struggle, and that demands and protests would not work, they too would say that that was right but that it would be very difficult to do.

If someone is living in a state of negativity, and you tell him that negative thinking is a kind of self-killing and that he should forget the past and try to live in the future, he too would say: “You are right but that would be very difficult.”

‘But it would be very difficult’ is a wrong conception. What people consider as difficult is, in fact, the only option for them. Our world is one in which we must necessarily make difficult choices. The only thing that you should consider is which one, out of all the different options, it is possible for you to achieve. Going against this principle is going against reality. And no one can afford to do so.

Also, the term ‘difficult’ is a relative term. If you are able to manage the problem, then it is not difficult. It is difficult when you are unable to manage it. Don’t say, ‘It is difficult’, but develop that kind of wisdom which is greater than all problems. It is all a matter of management. Learn the art of problem management and you will certainly be able to deal effectively with all your difficulties. The concept of difficulty only arises from a way of thinking. Change your way of thinking, and very soon you will find that the difficulty has disappeared.