Inter-dependence in Religion

I have been asked to give my opinion about ‘inter-dependence in religion’. According to my experience, the word ‘inter-dependence’ is a confusing word as it leads to ambiguity. It is not very clear as when you say ‘inter-dependence’, it means that you are pre-supposing that each religion is true. As per my study, you have to study every religion objectively in your search for truth. One should not live in bias. The better way is not to pre-suppose and be biased and make an objective inter-study of all religions to find truth. Inter-study of religion is all the more relevant in today’s world as we are living in an age of information. This is the age of the knowledge explosion. Today, everyone wants to know more and more about everything, including religion. The result is that, today, on the subject of religion, people are far better informed than ever before. When a study of all religions is undertaken in such an atmosphere, it is called inter-study of religions. This is the best way for man to find truth.