God-Oriented Life

The goal of Islam is to induce man to give up his ungodly ways, so that he may lead a totally God¬ oriented life. One as yet untouched by Islam directs his attention towards things and beings other than God. That is, he is concerned with creation rather than the Creator. Islam shows him how to focus his thoughts and feelings on God alone. When man adopts a path directed to a certain destination, he considers it necessary to keep to that path without turning to the left or the right. For if he makes constant detours, he will fail to reach his destination. The same is the case with man’s journey towards his Maker. In this world when a person sets out on journey, he finds two paths, one leading to God and the other path to different destinations. Now the way of the true seeker of God is to take extra care to adhere strictly to the path of God, without ever turning off it. One who adheres to the straight path leading towards God will without doubt reach God. On the other hand one who turns off at every bye-lane will be lost on the way. His path will never lead him towards God. What this deviation means is that he has become subservient to his desires attaching importance to immediate interests; he has fallen prey to negative feelings such as anger, hatred, jealousy, egoism, etc.; or he has simply run in any direction he finds open before him, without giving his destination much thought. On the other hand, the God-oriented path is one on which he earnestly considers God’s commands. He sets his course after serious deliberation, on the basis of accountability, instead of pursuing immediate gains or temporary satisfaction.