A formula for peace

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Dec 03, 2017

The history of peace shows that there can be two periods of peace: political peace and non-political peace. In ancient times people were ruled by kings in almost every part of the world. Under a king’s reign, only one kind of peace was possible, that is, political peace.

In previous centuries we find at least three models of this kind of peace. These models are known as PaxRomana, Pax Britannica, and PaxIslamica. These models of peace successfully worked in ancient times, but in the present democratic age, this political peace model is not acceptable— America is one such clear example.

This country wanted to establish what may be called Pax Americana in the present world through political power, but it failed. Pax Americana could not be translated into real life.

According to the law of nature, justice is not a part of peace; it is the result of your own efforts.Now the desire of everyone and every nation to have peace seemsto be a distant dream. The reason for this is that people have made justice a prerequisite for peace; they say: “We want peace, but we want peace with justice.”

This association of justice with peace is extraneous and unnatural. In this world of nature, only the laws of nature can prevail, anything that is unnatural cannot be materialized. According to the law of nature, justice is not a part of peace; it is the result of your ownefforts.

The natural formula of peace is based on the principle: Peace for the sake of peace. So, first of all we have to establish peace and that at any cost. According to this law of nature, peace will certainly open the doors of opportunity and by making the most of those opportunities, you can achieve justice, peace or any other goal.