The Final Reckoning

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Book: Global Warming: The Divine Warning of Doomsday, pp. 48-50 | Nov 25, 2021

The Quran and Hadith have clearly predicted the occurrence of this great event, Qiyamah or Doomsday before the Day of Judgement or the Final Reckoning. This will be the Day when the whole of creation will be gathered before the Lord. All voices will be silenced except for the voice of God. Only the truth will have any weight on that day. Nothing else will be of any consequence. On that day man will be judged.

From the Islamic viewpoint, God had made this world for a limited period of time. Now those signs have appeared which tell us that this limited period of time is reaching its end. Then there will be Doomsday. The Prophet Muhammad made it clear that human beings had not been settled on earth for all eternity; that a time would come when the present inhabited world would come to an end and be replaced by another world. Then all the evil people would be sent to the universal dustbin and all the good people, who obeyed God, would inhabit the eternal world of Paradise.

In the 7th century the Prophet of Islam said that the distance between him and Doomsday was only that between his two fingers. (Sahih al Bukhari, Kitab ar-Riqaq).

The phenomenon of global warming shows that this distance has now been covered and that the climatic change, as the scientists have predicted, has now reached the point of being irreversible.

Global Warming has shown us that what was to happen has already happened. The final day, Qiyamah has come very close. Now the time has ultimately come when man has to change himself: he has to abandon the way of disobedience to God and opt for the path of obedience to Him. Nature is silently calling upon man to mend his ways before he finds that he has no further opportunity to do so.