Equality in Marriage

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | September 17, 2022

It is generally understood that, marriages are solemnized between families of equal status for practical reasons. In such situations, it is believed that adjustments would be easier and would, thus, ensure a happy family life. However, in reality, this is just a supposition. If we look closely, we can find that marriages among equals suffer as much. Equality, therefore, does not assure success in nuptial relations. A successful marriage depends more on learning the art of management.

It is also commonly held that marriages do not work for couples who come from different educational backgrounds, and where there are regional differences, and disparity in economic status, etc. This is also a wrong assumption. A home is similar to a full-fledged institution. Like other institutions, a home also has many departments. The easiest way to run this institution is to have a division of labour between men and women. Men and women should take up different departments, in accordance with their different capabilities, and run the department independently, without interfering with one other. Thus, in this division of labour, the problem of inequality will be solved.

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