Emotionalism Vs Egoism

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | July 30, 2022

When a man and a woman tie the knot in marriage, it is a coming together of two opposite personalities. A woman tends to be emotional, while a man tends to be egoistic. These traits are a part of their nature.

There is a positive as well as a negative aspect to both these traits. If they are put to positive use, it will prove to be a boon to humanity. But if they are put to negative use, it will prove to be a bane for humanity.

The positive aspect of egoism in man is that, it is one of the driving forces in working steadfastly for a cause. A man bereft of this quality will be weak, lacking in will-power, and will fail to accomplish any task which requires determination and perseverance. But the negative aspect is that it will make him arrogant. Therefore, one must be very careful, and not allow one’s ego to sway one towards the negative side, as this would be counterproductive and bring one rite disrepute.

Similarl y, a woman tends to be on the emotional side. This trait too has its positive as well as its negative aspects. The positive aspect is that she tends to be more sensitive, and therefore more gentle and compassionate, which is, without doubt, a positive quality. But the negative aspect is that it can give her an obstinate personality, thus making her stubborn even when a flexible approach is necessary. If a woman allows this aspect of her nature to go unchecked, it will be detrimental to the wholesome development of her personality.

A man and a woman, both, ought to understand the natural traits they are born with. They must consciously strive to make use of their positive aspects, and sedulously refrain from taking any negative course. The secret of success in both men and women lies in this self-control.

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