Dawah: The Mission of Muslim Ummah

In the book Dawah: The Mission of the Muslim Ummah, the author Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that today, the Muslim ummah, by and large, is sunk deep in negative thinking. This is only because of its degenerated mindset. In line with its negative thinking, it has wrongly come to think of other communities as enemies. For some Muslims, this view is held at the level of thought, while others, driven by this mindset, are engaged in violence. This is certainly a very dangerous signal, which had been predicted centuries ago by the Prophet. The author elaborates, that today, it has become a duty binding on Muslims to develop positive thinking. They must completely stop thinking of other communities as their enemies. They must be reminded of the fact that their status is not that of a community, but, rather, that of an ideological group, one that has just one mission—and that is, peaceful dawah, or calling people towards God. They must engage in this task with unilateral well-wishing for others. They must completely renounce violence, and, instead, get engaged in peaceful dawah work. This is the only way that can make them deserving of God’s blessings.


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