Calling God

Dua (prayer) means a call. That is a servant of God invokes his Creator to express either his needs or his servitude to Him. This call in itself is a form of worship. God is a living and permanent existence. He hears and sees and has the power to do as He desires and set the course of events in consonance with His will. It is this firm conviction which gives rise to this urge within man to pray to God. When man receives inspiration from God, it comes to him naturally to call upon God for all his needs and to ask for God’s blessings in this world as well as in the Hereafter. God is truly man’s sustainer. There is no time set for prayer, neither is there any prescribed method nor a separate language. Man, at any moment, in any form, and in any language can pray to God. If the prayer has come right from inside one’s heart, it will certainly reach God. God will hear the call without delay and will answer the suppliant’s prayers. There are certain prayers, which are repeated in different forms of worship. But most prayers are not linked to one form of worship or another. For instance, when a man goes to sleep at night some words of prayer come to his lips according to the time. Similarly, when he wakes up, he starts praying to God to help him to make a better start to the coming day. In the same way when he meets someone, or eats and drinks, or takes his seat in a conveyance or is traveling, or is engaged in his economic activities –whatever the occasion – such prayers come to his lips as mean, O God, in this matter you will decide what is best for us. Dua means seeking from God and this seeking from God has no ending. It continues always. Dua is an expression of unceasing feelings welling up inside the believer’s heart for his Lord. No moment of a believer’s life can be bereft of it.