Be of Use to Yourself and Others

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Sunday Guardian | Apr 17, 2022

According to biological studies, every human being has four phases in his or her life. Everyone, without exception, is subject to this law of nature. The first is that of childhood, lasting from birth to about ten years of age. During this period, one’s basic personality is developed. The second is the phase of adolescence. This is from ten to twenty-five years of age. During this time, a person attains maturity, both at the physical and mental levels. The third is the period of maximum strength, that is, from twenty-five to thirty-five years of age. Old age is the last phase, that of biological degeneration. The process of ageing begins after thirty-five years of age, and continues throughout the rest of one’s life.

According to this biological definition, everyone has ten really good years in his life. During this period, the individual enjoys full strength and energy – the greatest natural gifts for every human being – and right throughout his life reaps the benefits of the physical and intellectual powers that he develops for himself. This is the age during which one can accomplish great things.

Everyone must realize that he or she is subject to the law of nature. People can build their future only by following the law of nature. If we deny this law, we shall have no place in this world.

It is the first duty of every individual to acknowledge this fact and understand that winning in this matter is winning forever, and losing in this matter is losing forever.