Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's blog

Positive Thinking

We should consider the good things that we have as blessings from God, and should attribute the lack of the things that we do not have but want to our own shortcomings. In this way we can make ourselves positive-thinking people.

Blame Thyself

A general weakness of us humans is that we think that the good things that we have are because of our own efforts, and we blame others for us not having the things that we do not have.

Right Response

Most of us blatantly ignore the innumerable wondrous bounties that God has blessed us with. At every moment we see or experience these bounties, but yet we never acknowledge, think about or reflect on them. We simply do not respond as we should.

Waves of Life

Life in this world is like a vast ocean, always full of waves. The only sensible way to deal with the waves that appear in our lives is to know how to bypass them rather than complain against them.