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The Law of Nature

Many people justify violence by saying that they have been the victims of plots and conspiracies and so must put an end to this by fighting. This excuse is quite baseless. What is generally regarded as a plot is, in fact, a manifestation of that plan of nature which has been established in the present world as a natural law.

Reconciliation is the Best

The better way to settle disputes is to effect a reconciliation at the very outset. Reconciliation is like a safety valve in any situation where there are conflicting interests and where tempers can become explosive. So, at times of provocation, the best course to adopt is a conciliatory rather than a confrontational one. That is a law of nature.

The Test of Man

Although many allurements exist in this world, they are there purely to put man to the test. They are not something desirable for man. In avoidance of temptation man shows that he is prudent and a man of principles.

Disciplined Behavior

Man has been given freedom in this world. What is required of him is that, despite possessing total freedom, he should of his own free will become an example of moral, disciplined behavior. One who thus conducts himself will pass God’s test and will be selected by the Lord, the Creator and Sustainer of this universe, as the beneficiaries of that most wonderful blessing—eternal paradise.