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Patience – The Superior Solution

Patience is undoubtedly the superior solution to all prob­lems as opting for the way of patience and tolerance, far from being a path of defeat or retreat, is a future-oriented plan. It amounts to a voluntary acceptance of reality. This means that, even after losing something, one has always to remember that one is still in possession of many other things by utilizing which one can build anew.


Simplicity is that state of living in which man has realized the purpose of his life and given it the utmost importance, while regarding everything else as secondary.

Spiritual Comfort

What disturbs the peaceful plan of nature is mainly traceable to the fact that people have become excessively materialistic. It is this thinking which leads to the exploitation of nature resulting in the disturbance of the peaceful plan of nature. If people opted for a path of moderation, they would soon discover that if earlier they were comfortable physically, now they are comfortable spiritually. And without doubt spiritual comfort is far better than material comfort.