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Overcome all fear

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Speaking Tree Blog | March 15, 2016

Fear being a problem of the mind, is unlikely to be allayed by physical solutions. So, it is better to identify the cause of fear and then overcome it by reasoning. Being a perfectionist, I wanted things to be in order. Whenever I found things were not in perfect order, I became distressed. This anxiety increased to such a great extent during my childhood that I wrote a poem that said, “Life seems to me to be a dreadful dream.” I have read and thought a lot about this subject.

‘Love is the best formula’

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Speaking Tree I December 20, 2015, p. 3

There are three religions in the Semitic family: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In historical order, Judaism comes first, Christianity second and Islam third. One teaching is common to all the three religions, that is, love. During a visit to the US, I was invited by an American Church to deliver a lecture on Islam and peace. After my lecture, a Christian scholar asked: ‘In Christianity, there is a moral injunction: ‘Love your enemy’. Can you cite any such teaching from the Islamic scripture?’