Article: The Inner Reality of Fasting
While on a fast, a man may have food and water before him but, despite his hunger and thirst, he will make no move to eat or drink. He exercises self-control. God desires that he should also exercise the same restraint whenever he has the opportunity to display his ego and his arrogance. He must not fall into unjust ways just because the bait is tempting and all doors have been opened for him. If man is to earn God's favour, he must eschew the path forbidden by Him, and set his feet firmly on the path of modesty and humility.
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  Video: Roza and Quran
In his talk, the Maulana explains that fasting in this month is acknowledgment of the divine blessings. One who fasts in all sincerity takes care to cast his entire life in the one consistent mould. In all of his affairs, he applies the constraints laid down by God. Leading a life of restraint for a whole month produces a transformation in one's thinking enabling one to offer a positive response even to another's negative behaviour. Therefore, Ramadan is a month of spiritual activism when devotees try to awaken their spirituality and consciously strive for intellectual development.
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  Audio: Saum-e-Ramadan
When the Qur'an is read during the month of its revelation, it reminds us of the time when the divine light from heaven fell upon the earth. Man remembers this and cries out, 'O Lord, fill my heart with your divine light!' He cries out, 'Make me among those who are near you!' When he reads about Hell and Paradise, his inner self cries out, 'O Lord, save me from Hell, and let me enter Paradise.'
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Following the Laws of Nature: Nothing can make the sun rise earlier, but everyone wants his life's morning to rise sooner.
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In the month of Ramadan the Qur'an was revealed, a book of guidance with proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong. Therefore whoever of you is present in that month let him fast. But he who is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. (2:185)
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  Book of the Month
A Treasury of the Quran comprises excerpts from the Qur'an, arranged under relevant headings. It provides an introduction to Islam, which is derived directly from the original, revealed source. No interpretation or commentary has been added. The Qur'an has given a clear exposition of the theoretical and practical nature of the good life. The verses which have been selected for this book describe various fundamental aspects of this life in the Qur'an's inimitable style. These passages thus provide both a description of the good life and an authentic example of how it should be lived.
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Q. How can one find peace of mind?
Idrees Menon, Raipur
A. People generally confuse individual peace and social peace. Social peace is an ideal that is difficult to achieve, but individual peace is completely achievable. You cannot control society, but your mind can be completely under your control. Develop the quality of tolerance and you will be able to live in peace, even when there is no peace in the outside world. Peace of mind basically depends on one's thinking, and not on the state of affairs.
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