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"There is a difference between the status of man and that of the physical world. The physical world has been given no option but to submit to God, whereas man has been given a free will, so that he may opt for either good or bad ways. To this end he has been given a thinking faculty, and a conscience with which to make moral judgments for himself. He has the ability to accept and reject in order to follow certain principles in life. He is not bound by fixed laws like all other created beings. He has been given freedom of thought, option and action for a test."
  -- Maulana Wahiduddin Khan 

         The Art of De-stressing
  The Journey of Life: A Flowing River
The Times of India | Friday, Oct 9, 2009: Human life can be likened to a flowing river. What is a river? A river in fact is a unique phenomenon of nature. In the river fresh water is being added to the existing water at every moment. This everyday phenomenon is responsible for the freshness of the river water.
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  Quran online
I swear by the glow of sunset, by the night and what it covers, and the moon when it grows full, you will progress from stage to stage. What is wrong with them that they do not believe? (84: 16-20)
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  Book of the Month
Islam: The Voice of Human Nature: The author writes that only a God-centred religion is real and in harmony with man's nature. But this truth does not occur to him until the hour of crisis and peril is upon him. A man may have any religion, or any material props he chooses, but, in moments of real crisis, it is to God that he calls out for help. Such an experience, which we all go through at one time or another in our lives, is a clear indication that the God-centred religion is the only true one. As such, it should pervade man's entire existence. Any religion other than this will fail him in his hour of need, in the Hereafter, just as ordinary, everyday means of support so often do in moments of crisis in this world.
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