Simple Living, High Thinking
Simple living, means limiting one's worldly requirements to the minimum, assiduously avoiding comfort and luxury. Simple living thus helps the traveller in his spiritual journey. High thinking means that his thoughts are not embroiled in material things. By engaging one's mind in higher realities, one becomes a recipient of divine inspiration. This inspiration of divine light comes to his mind uninterruptedly, igniting his whole existence.
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  Ease Always Comes After Hardship
In this world just as ease always follows hardship, so fruitful results come only from arduous, painstaking processes. This is the way nature works, and from it we can see how we should live on earth. We should be prepared for a period of hard struggle before we can expect to reap the results we desire.
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"All praise is due to God, the Lord of the Universe; the Beneficent, the Merciful; Lord of the Day of judgement." (1:2-4)
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The Prophet of Peace: The Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad: This book deals with the significant issues associated with the life of the Prophet, including jihad, ijtihaad, the concept of war and the relationship with other religious communities. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan illuminates the Islamic view of modernity, secularism, democracy, freedom of speech and the relevance of Islam in the modern age, clarifying that Islam as revealed in the Quran is not anti-modernity, nor does it advocate violence.
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The Hindu lists The Prophet of Peace as a Bestseller
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