Article: What is Faith?
The essence of faith is realization or discovery of God. When a man consciously seeks out and finds God, and thereby has access to divine realities that is what constitutes faith. This discovery is no simple matter. God is the Creator of all things. He will award or punish all, according to their deeds; none is free from His grip. The discovery of such a God shakes to the core of the whole life of man. His thinking is revolutionized, for God becomes the centre of all His emotions.
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  Video: Modesty in Islam
After adopting the teachings of Islam, the attitude formed in the believer is that of gentleness. In Islam he discovers the reality that God is great. This discovery brings to him the realization that greatness belongs to God alone; it does not belong to him or to anyone else. As a result, modesty, humility and tolerance are engendered within him. Having a temperament marked by such virtues, in particular, tolerance to the maximum degree is a necessary condition for adherence to the path of gentle behaviour.
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  Audio: Concept of Justice in Islam
According to the Quran and Hadith, the establishment of justice is one of the most essential goals in the sending of the prophets and in revealing the divine scriptures. The just are loved by God (60:8) while the unjust will face the fire of Hell (72:15).
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  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
Make Your Choice: The day will in any case come to an end in twelve hour's time, whether you make good use of it, or you waste it.
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Such are those who have taken misguidance in exchange for guidance; but their bargain does not profit them, nor have they found true guidance. (2:16)
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In Islam as it is, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a renowned Islamic thinker and scholar, presents the fundaments teachings of Islam in a manner, which will appeal directly to both general readers and students of Islam. Simple and straight forward in style, this book gives the reader an accurate and comprehensive picture of Islam the true religion of submission to God.
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Q. What is the difference between spirit and mind?
A. In my experience, there is no difference between the two. Spirit is not an independent entity. Spirit is only a manifestation of the mind. Mind is the basis of every personality. All other things like emotions, thinking, love are different functions of the mind. You are what your mind is.
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