Ways of Self Correction
This story explains beautifully how the Quran develops a self-correcting mechanism in every man and woman. The Quran wants everyone to be on their guard all the time. This concept is bound to make everyone conduct himself properly. It is at the basis of a character building system.
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  Morality in Islam
The essence of Islamic morality is thus set forth and given in a hadith: "Behave with others as you would like them to behave towards you" (al-Bukhari). By nature everyone knows what sort of conduct he approves of and of what sort he disapproves. So to follow this generally accepted moral criterion in relation to others is essentially Islamic morality.
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  Quran online
Such are those who have taken misguidance in exchange for guidance; but their bargain does not profit them, nor have they found true guidance. (2:16)
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  Book of the Month
Woman between Islam and Western Society highlights the conceptual difference about women in Islam and in the West by analyzing that the evils of Muslim society stems from the gap between principle and practice, whereas the evils of Western society are the result of a clash between principles and realities.
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