Misconceptions about Islam

Islam does not hold Triple Talaq as Lawful

There is a common misconception that a man can say Talaq, Talaq, Talaq to his wife in a row and it will lead to Talaq. This is totally an unIslamic practice.

While marriage is the rule of life, and divorce only an exception, the latter must also be accepted as a reality. Indeed there already exist commandments to deal, accordingly, with such cases in both divine and human laws.

All Muslims must not have Four Wives

Contrary to the common perception, monogamy is the rule in Islam and polygamy only an exception.

Islam does not deny Religious Freedom to Others

Contrary to the common misconception that Islam denies religious freedom to others, Islam enjoins religious freedom to others.

Religious freedom is the basic human right whose violation has caused conflicts, wars and bloodshed in both ancient and modern societies. The Quran, therefore, has declared for the first time in human history:

‘There shall be no coercion in matters of religion.’ (2:256).

The Quran also states clearly, “To you your religion and to me mine.” (109:6).

Islam does not hold All Non-Muslims to be Kafirs

Contrary to common belief, all non-Muslims are not Kafirs. Kafir literally means a ‘denier’. This term was only used for certain contemporaries of the Prophet.

Islam is not Intolerant of other Religions

Contrary to common belief, Islam is not intolerant to other religions. It teaches its adherents to give mutual respect to, to be tolerant of and to have dialogue with people of other religions.

The Concept of Peace in Islam

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Islam Today I 11 Jan. 2005 

There is a common misconception that Islam is a religion of Violence. There is no basis for this in Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.

Islam does not hold the Gaining of Political Power as a Muslims main Objective

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Islam Today I 8 Feb. 2005

Contrary to common belief, gaining political power is not the main objective of Muslims. This is a misconception.

When the Quran says, “And religion is wholly for God” it portrays the most important aspect of the change of times. This change has reduced the status of political power to the point where it is no longer necessary for believers to wage a war for its acquisition, as it is no longer needed to secure the desired benefits. Non-political institutions serve this purpose equally well.

Islam does not permit the Over-throwing of Corrupt Islamic Governments

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Islam Today I 10 March 2005

There is a common belief that Islam permits its adherents to over-throw corrupt Islamic governments. Such an act however, is totally UnIslamic.

Islam does not Teach Confrontation

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Islam Today I 7 May 2005

Contrary to common belief, Islam does not teach confrontation. In fact, Islam teaches the principle of avoidance at all times.