Daily Quote

Forget It!

A psychological injury is a conceptual injury and conceptual injury is quite manageable by simply forgetting it.

Compete and Grow

Competition creates challenge, challenge results in motivation, and motivation leads to reaching new heights of success. In this sense, a better saying than ‘compete or perish’ is, ‘compete and grow’.

Re-plan to Succeed

When you fail in your life, take it as a result of lack of planning. So, in such situations, try to do re-planning and you will certainly reach success.


Death is the greatest bulldozer that bulldozes all, even the so-called bulldozers.

Acceptance of Mistake

When you accept your mistake, you correct yourself and save yourself from living in falsehood. When a person discovers this fact, accepting his mistake will become a very pleasant deed for him.

Give and Take

The culture of our world is based on give and take principle. If you are able to give, then certainly you will receive otherwise not.

Focus on the Good

It is common for people to become negative when they undergo an unwanted experience. They forget the ninety nine percent positive items they still have in their life, and let the one percent negative item prevail.


If a person develops his mind on positive lines, he can save his mind from confusion and tension at the time of crisis.