Daily Quote

Develop like a tree

All men and women must develop themselves like a tree. Where the tree develops itself in physical terms, men and women must develop the same qualities in terms of morality.

Discover creation in nature

God created man with a great mind. But the creation was based on what is called in education, the ‘Discovery Method’. Everything was hidden in nature but it was required of man that he employ his mind to discover all those things. 

Primary and secondary roles

In every society there is a person who plays the primary role, then there are other persons who play supporting roles. Both roles are equally important. Without following this principle, no society can have the status of a healthy society.

Be a predictable character

The members of society should be each other’s well-wishers. They should try to avoid creating problems for others. Everyone should, from others’ point of view, be predictable in character.

Learn from animals

Man should emulate the behaviour of animals in his life. This is the best way for man to stick to the straight path adopted by animals under the guidance of nature. 

All men are equal

All men and women are equal in the eyes of God. If there is any difference, it is only between the Creator and His creatures. As far as God’s creatures are concerned, everyone enjoys the same status and respect and deserves to receive the same importance.