Daily Quote

Follow Nature

Our world is controlled by the law of nature, not by our whims and fancies. Don't simply follow your desire. Discover the law of nature and set your plan accordingly. 

Formula for Happiness

If you want happiness, adopt the two-point formula: contentment with regard to physical items, and high thinking with regard to intellectual items. This is the only workable formula to achieve happiness in this world.

Keep Your Word

Not fulfiling promises is an extremely bad habit. It is so bad that even a small kind of breaking of the promise is as serious in nature as its big kind. 

Conquer Yourself

No one can defeat you except you yourself. All the problems are within you, and not outside of you. Discover yourself and you will emerge as an unconquerable person.

Real Transformation

Social change cannot be brought about through demonstrating on the streets, it is brought about by changing people at the intellectual level.