Daily Quote

The Creation Plan of God

The real aim of creation is to select those who can inhabit the world of Paradise. For this man has been created as an eternal creature and his life divided into a limitedpre-death period for a test and the eternalpost death periodfor his reward/punishment, based on the test.

Reaching the Gates of Truth!

Our Creator has interwoven consciousness of truth in our nature. We need to follow simple living and high thinking, shun distraction and we will reach the gates of truth. 

God—Our Creator

Our Creator—God Almighty—is a living personal God, who is nearer to us than our jugular vein. He listens when we call out to Him. He comes to our aid when we turn towards Him.

Conviction in God

Without God, our lives will not be complete. Without the help of God we cannot succeed. We have an innate need to believe in God. We are helpless without conviction in God.

God is Just a Call Away

One’s success is fifty per cent struggle and fifty per cent hope. It is a source of great hope for everyone that God is with us. God is just a call away from us. 

Discovery of God

There is no greater discovery than the discovery of God, no greater realization than to feel Him everywhere. Achieving this realization everything becomes a reflection of His glory.

Discovery of God

The discovery of super-human activity in the universe makes one realize the handiwork of a Supreme Creator. Everything becomes a reflection of His glory.