Daily Quote

The Secret of Progress

A tree stands above the ground, fixing its roots firmly beneath the ground. It grows from beneath, upwards into the air; it does not start at the top and grow downwards. The tree is our teacher, imparting to us the lesson of nature that if we seek to progress outwardly, we must first strengthen ourselves inwardly; we must begin from the base of our own selves before we can hope to build society anew.


One can always overcome one’s misfortunes and be the gainer once again, provided one remains patient and perseveres in one’s struggles, never losing hope of God’s succour.

God’s Existence

The true believer is one who accepts God’s reality before any visible signs appear to support it. This world is a world of trial, in which God appears only to those who have the ability to penetrate the divine disguise.

Social Harmony

So long as you avoid provoking the other person, he remains a human being. But no sooner do you provoke him than that very same person will descend to the level of animals. Awaken human nature in others. Let the animal nature remain dormant. This is the only certain formula for a harmonious social existence

An Inquisitive Mind

An inquisitive mind is a sine qua non for the acquisition of knowledge. Only those who are possessed of this quality will achieve great success in intellectual and academic fields. Those devoid of this spirit will remain static, and will fail to climb to the top of the ladder of success.


Wisdom lies in knowing what is possible and what is not possible in terms of the circumstances.

Sublime Character

The greatest mark of a lofty nature is the ability to set aside the grievances and differences in order to support another, whereas a man of baser metal would do the very opposite.