Daily Quote

Unit of Society

Home is the mirror of whole mankind. Everything that happens with mankind at the larger scale happens in the home at the smaller scale.  


The patriotic spirit means thinking beyond your self-interest, making others your concern, and acknowledging others’ contribution.

Positive Behaviour

Do not succumb to others’ remarks against you. Do not get perturbed if someone tries to give you a bad name. In short, do not let others dictate your behaviour. 

See the Result

The criterion of good leadership and bad leadership is the result. Don’t see their slogans, but see the result they yield.

Solution to Poverty

Giving favour is not a solution to the problem of poverty. Favour makes one an intellectually stagnant person, while meeting challenges makes one an intellectually awakened person.

Remember God

Every observation and learning can serve as a point of reference to establish contact with God instantly and seek His blessings.

Do not Despair

If you were not successful in the first chance, it should not dishearten you because there may be a second chance waiting for you that may prove to be better than the first chance. 

Inner Voice

A person should adopt a career which is in accordance with his inner voice, and not dictated by his external environment.