Daily Quote

Peaceful Bomb

A physical bomb can destroy cities, but the spiritual bomb hits man himself. And when man is conquered, nothing else is left to be conquered.

Believer’s Worldview

For a believer, if everything goes according to plan, a feeling of thanksgiving is aroused in him. But should his plans go awry, he realizes that man can only propose; it is God who disposes. In this way he comes closer to the Lord.

Noble Character

One has attained a superior moral status when his opinion of others does not depend upon whether they agree or disagree with him. 

Descent of Man

Anger gives a momentary illusion of strength, but in fact it weakens and degrades. For it makes a man forget all moral precepts and principles.

Without Money

Even without money a person can achieve success, provided his desire to do so is keen enough and his diligence matches his determination.

Life’s Building

Building one’s life is not just like building a child’s play house. It is a matter of putting down roots, and toiling patiently ever upwards. 

Reason for Failure

The cause of man’s failure often lies in his failure to recognize major threats and his determination to concentrate all his efforts on minor dangers.

Way of the Flower

Man should live in the world in the way that the flowers do – giving off a sweet fragrance even to those who give nothing but abuse.