Daily Quote

Control Your Anger

When a person is angry, and controls his anger, he is developing in his personality the art of turning negativity into positivity. 

Three Kind of Problems

Problems are of three kind. If a problem is related to the present, you can solve it through wise planning. If the problem is related to the past, then a simple solution is: forget it, and the problem will instantly disappear. If the problem is regarding the future, then it is not a problem at all, it is simply a baseless fear. 

Prepare Today

Death is a reminder of the reality that there is a world Hereafter. We must prepare ourselves in this world to be able to find a proper place in the next world.

Intellectual Challenge

When two different ideas clash, a third idea emerges. Take difference as an intellectual challenge, and it will certainly turn into a blessing for you. 

What Matters Most

It is not happiness but seriousness, it is not an easy-going life but struggle, it is not living in comfort but being involved in hard work that matter in life. 

Tests of Life

This world is a testing ground for mankind — the test to see which one of us will be eligible to inhabit the perfect world of the Hereafter. God in His wisdom, tests each one of us in different ways and circumstances.