Daily Quote

Human Conduct

Losing and winning are not in themselves important. What is of actual importance is how people conduct themselves when facing these experiences.

Be Content

A feeling of contentment enables a person to rise above trivialities and live in the higher realities. In short, he practices simple living and high thinking.

Creative Society

A society which places curbs on freedom of expression will necessarily witness intellectual stagnation; it will stop producing creative minds, and its development will come to a standstill.


In matters of criticism or expression of differences, the right approach is for people to end unnecessary sensitivity to it instead of attempting to put an end to criticism and differences.

Do not be upset

If a person allows himself to become upset by opposition, taunts or other kinds of unpleasantness, he will never reach his goals.

Bad times don’t stay

It is a law of nature that no difficulty goes on and on forever. So, you have to feed this simple formula into your thinking: ‘It is all but temporary’.

Intellectual Freedom

People are free to use their freedom as they please, if you disagree with the point of view of someone, you can express your views in a rational manner; you must try to address their minds. 

Not Passive

Patience is no retreat. Patience gives the strength to restrain one’s emotions in delicate situations.