Daily Quote

This Too Shall Pass

Every dark night is a temporary phase in this world, and the same is true of human difficulties. Every human difficulty is temporary in nature.

Why We Feel Incomplete

Sense of incompleteness in human nature is in itself a good tiding. It tells us that a day will come when man will surely enjoy the experience of completeness, that is, in eternal Paradise.


The reason that offering help to the helpless is so pleasing to God is that it is a practical acknowledgement that every man is inherently helpless before the Lord.

Permanent Asset

Money is a risky form of capital, for you can lose it through an expected or unexpected event. On the contrary, learning is a permanent asset.

Wise Adjustment

Always remember that it is not your intention or your desire that determines the course taken by the external world. It is a wise adjustment between your desires and external realities that leads to great success.