Understanding Islam

What is Prayer?

Man has been advised in the Qur’an to be steadfast in his prayer, for prayer fends away indecency and evil. When the Prophet of Islam was asked about this verse he said: If a person’s prayer does not fend away indecency and evil then his prayer is not really prayer at all.

My fiancé insists that after marriage I (New Muslim) should snap relationship with my parents even though they are fine of my marrying into a Muslim family. Is this correct as per Islam.?

The boy's family has put up a wrong condition. The stand of the boy's family is wrong. One shouldn't keep relation with one's family only if they prevent one from following Islam. If they do not put obstacles in your following Islam, then you can maintain normal relations with them. This principle is derived from the following verse of the Quran: "We have enjoined man to show kindness to his parents. But if they bid you associate with me something about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them." (29:8).

Should Quran be distributed among Non Muslims as there is a fear that they might disgrace the Quran?

This kind of doubt is totally wrong, and also against the spirit of the age. This age is the age of respect and tolerance. We are distributing the Quran on a large scale, and our distributors have never reported such an incident. On the contrary, our distributors tell us that those who are given the Quran receive it with great respect and thankfulness. According to our knowledge, all those so-called events of disrespect were nothing but rumours. Muslims acted against those events of disgrace of the Quran without inquiring into them.

Islam permits to give birth more than one child but on the other hand today is population explosion.

It is a wrong conception that Islam preaches giving birth to many children. There is a Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari. One Sahabi tells us: We were observing birth control (azl) at the time of the Prophet of Islam, but the Prophet never prohibited it. Also, no verse was revealed in the Quran in this regard.

If Islam preaches equality then why are Non Muslims not allowed in Mecca to visit Kaba?

This is not a question of equality, it is a question of safeguarding Mecca from visitor's intrusion. History tells us that in the pre-Islamic period there was no such restriction. But, the idol-worshiping visitors started keeping their idols in the Kaaba, and the number of idols reached 360. After having this experience, Islam imposed the above restriction.

Is Malaysian court right in not allowing Non Muslims to use the word Allah?

The verdict of the Malaysian High Court is certainly wrong. It has nothing to do with Islamic teachings. According to report, a lower court of Malaysia had rightly allowed the use of the word Allah. But, in a later verdict, the High Court overturned the 2009 ruling of the lower court.

Why Muslims want to convert people who love them?

Conversion culture is a Muslim culture, it is not a part of Islam. The word conversion or its equivalent cannot be found in the Quran. According to Islam, religion is everyone's own choice. What Islam teaches is discussion, not conversion. We have to do open discussion on every subject, including religion. Discussion helps in intellectual development. Intellectual development is the greatest requirement of every human being. The goal of discussion is mutual learning. 

Muslims are offended when the Prophet Muhammad is disrespected, but don't respect others' religious sentiments. Why?

This is a right observation. When man grows emotional, he develops contradictory behavior. What Muslims are doing is not in conformance with Islam because they only know their emotions and nothing else. The so-called Muslim leaders have found a way to gain cheap popularity by inciting Muslims to react. Let me cite an event from history. Ibn Taimiyyah wrote a book on the topic of disrespect of Prophet Muhammad in reaction to an instance where a Christian had said something disrespectful about the Prophet.

Please explain the meaning of the frequently used term “Insha Allah”.

The present day usage of “Insha Allah” is a part of culture. Neither does it have any spirit nor does it have any Islamic value. “Insha Allah” literally means “God willing” and symbolizes man’s faith in God. Faith, that arises when man discovers God’s greatness and realizes that everything is when God wants it to be. Muslims haven’t made this discovery and they use it as a cultural phraseThe present day usage of “Insha Allah” is a part of culture. Neither does it have any spirit nor does it have any Islamic value.