Socialism and Religion


There was an age in history when it was believed that reality is what is observable. Some of the theories that developed in this period were Marxism, socialism, logical positivism, etc. These ideas held sway in educated circles. People thought that only the world that was visible was real. But all of these theories have been discarded now. For example, the Soviet Union, built on socialism, collapsed after 75 years. The Soviet Union was based on replacing private ownership of property with state ownership of property. However, this only resulted in widespread corruption. Religion also holds private property as lawful and this is why Marx believed that capitalists and religious people had conspired to acquire all the property that rightfully belonged to everybody. He therefore abolished private property. This finished the incentive in people. Having private property creates an incentive in a person to acquire something on his own for himself -- this incentive is what economic activities are based on. So making private property unlawful led to economic collapse. The religious theory on holding private property proved successful. This model is now adopted in various countries which earlier followed the model of state economy. Rational enquiry in this matter had led us to think that holding private property is wrong, but in the end it was the guidance given by religion that proved useful.