The Quran: A Source of Strength


Muslims even today consider bombs and guns as means of power. But the reality is that God has brought an end to the age in which fighting and violence were sources of strength. Toady peace reigns supreme. The Quran is a book which is more powerful than any gun or sword -- Muslims must go forward in the world with this Quran instead of perpetrating violence. The entire history of Islam confirms that it was the Quran that won people over to Islam and not violence. The Prophet's mission, which he had started in Makkah in 610 AD, was completely non-political in nature. His message was to introduce people to their Creator. Without fighting, the Prophet was able to turn the best persons in Makkah into his followers. When Khalid ibn al-Walid decided to accept Islam, he explained the reason to Amr ibn al-As in these words: 'People have entered Islam and now no man of taste is left in Makkah.' This is why Khalid too decided to become a follower of the Prophet. The sole reason how this became possible was through conveying the message of the Quran and presenting the teachings of Islam to people. This method alone helped people to understand Islam. In this process, no sword or fighting was involved.