Patience and Paradise


The Quran has bracketed Paradise with patience. A verse says, 'We granted them Paradise because they were patient.' Patience is the price to be paid for entry to Paradise. The Quran tells us that patience is the greatest form of worship in the eyes of God, as those who are patient will be rewarded immeasurably. Why is so much value given to patience? This can be understood in the light of God's creation plan. God has created the world with problems, hardships and difficulties. This is not an evil. All unwanted situations in life are actually challenges. The road to Paradise is through these challenges. Facing challenges requires patience and endurance. The Quran says that we have to live in this world as well-wishers for others. Since we constantly have unpleasant and negative experiences from others, the only way we can continue as well-wishers is by being patient under all circumstances.