God-oriented life

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Sunday Guardian | May 10, 2020

The earth is the sun’s satellite. It constantly orbits around the sun. It takes one year to complete such a revolution. This movement of the earth around the sun is essential for the healthy functioning of life on earth. If the earth did not revolve around the sun, life would come to an end. This example is indeed a physical demonstration that shows how man must revolve around God, just as the earth revolves around the sun. It means that all of man’s activities should be focused on God. The earth revolves as compelled to by the laws of nature. But man, of his own free will, should surrender to God. He should build a life, which is based on the concept of God. This consciousness is the real ascension of man. In this consciousness lies the secret of all success. The God-oriented life begins with the discovery of God. When individuals discover God, it means that they have found the truth. And this truth pervades their whole being.
This feeling of having discovered the truth becomes such a thrilling experience that it fills them with everlasting conviction. This everlasting conviction removes all frustrations from their lives. Therefore, losses are no longer such, for, in spite of them, they never lose the feeling that their greatest asset, i.e. God, is still with them. Man experiences this realisation by pondering upon God’s creations. The truth is that the universe is an expression of God’s attributes. In this respect, the universe is a complete introduction to God. God is visible in His creations, just as a human being sees his own reflection in the mirror, without having any doubts about it.
The God-oriented life for man starts by his remembering God. He begins to feel the presence of God. Everything serves to remind him of God. God’s remembrance is never absent from his heart and mind. Just as rain replenishes the crops, so does he remain ever immersed in the remembrance of God.