Divine characteristics

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Soulveda

The Prophet provided us with a noble example of the divine characteristics which he exhorted us to adopt. He is reported as saying, “My Lord has commanded me to offer friend­ship in face of enmity, to give those who deprive me, and forgive those who oppress me.”

It takes an effort on the part of an individual to assume these ‘divine characteristics’. These characteristics are exhibited by the world of nature as well. For example, what is found in the form of iron on a cosmic level is required of us in the form of strong character. On a cosmic level, springs gush forth from rocks. This action is required of us in the form of kind-heartedness. Fragrance and colour are found aplenty in the cosmos—a human being too should beautify his life by being fair and honest in his dealings. Trees breathe in polluted air, carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen, in return. We too should learn from this to adopt the habit of being kind to those who wrong us.

Nothing in the cosmos ever encroaches upon other objects. Everything concen­trates solely on playing its part in the order of the universe. Humans are also required to engage in the same positive struggle, which involves avoiding all negative activities.

The principle of recycling and decomposing is at work in the cosmos. Refuse is converted into gas in order to be reused. Leaves fall from trees and turn into humus, which benefits the land. This is required of a person in the sense that whatever he spends must be of use to others; his strug­gle should bear fruit for others.

Innumerable activities are going on in the cosmos on a grand scale without recompense. The same thing is required of a person: he should keep fulfilling his duties without expecting any recompense in this world for his deeds. Lofty mountains, trees and other such things cast their shadows on the Earth. We should emulate their act and be humble. No one should be proud; no one should consider himself superior to others. As the Prophet has enjoined, no one should be proud; no one should consider himself superior to others.