Discover Your Role


God has created human beings in such a manner that every person is different. Every person's mindset, nature and thinking are different from that of another. There is tremendous diversity among humans. Why is this so? It is because every person represents God's independent planning. God has cast each person in a special mould. This is so that he or she can perform a special role. But it is not written for which role a person is created. Every person has to himself discover what role he has been made for. Everyone has to become a self-discovered person: that is, one has to discover the role for which the Creator has made him or her. Every person thus represents God's hope. It is God's desire that every person who takes birth should play the role he is made for. If a person discovers the role God has destined for him, then he receives help from God. The Quran tells that God is a person's Helper, who brings him from darkness to light (2:257). God helps a person by making angels his companion. This help from God is guarantee of a person's success.