Conversion: An Intellectual Transformation

When an individual belonging to one religious group joins another religious group after converting to that religion that, in religious terminology, is called proselytism. But this is a limited concept of conversion, which needs to be viewed in a more scientific light. In Conversion: An Intellectual Transformation, the author writes that a study of psychology and history tells us that, in order to give a new impetus to an individual or a group and to bring about a moral and intellectual revolution, what is most effective is the sense of discovery. This feeling of having discovered some truth, which was as yet unknown, awakens all the dormant powers of the individual. This feeling turns an ordinary man into a superman. It is such supermen who cross the ocean, who scale mountains, and who by their heroic character cause history to enter a new age. Today, human history is once again facing a deadlock. History is once again in need of people who pass through this experience of a discovery. For it is such people, charged with new spiritual power, who will give a strong push to human history to enter a new and a better age.