The Concept of Super-achievement


A verse in the Quran says: "They will have a painful punishment, because they have been lying." (2:10) A person who lies develops in himself a personality which is not deserving of being settled in the noble society of Paradise. Honesty and dishonesty lead to the development of two different kinds of personalities. The life of this world is meant for the building of a personality within. Whatever situation we face in this world are meant for us to develop our personalities, either in the wrong or the right direction. If we follow the dishonest course we will make a personality that would lead us to Hell, while truthfulness will make our personality heavenly. The world is not meant for material achievements, rather for developing a character which is suitable for entry to Paradise. This is true achievement. Generally, the concept of achievement is linked to materialism: one who earns more is considered a greater achiever. The education system too is oriented towards acquiring a job. All conversations among students centre around career. People earn money and then spend the rest of their time in entertainment. According to God's creation plan, real achievement is the making of a personality which is capable of being settled in Paradise in the Hereafter. Truthfulness is very important as all other good qualities result from it. A person who speaks the truth will automatically initiate a process of positive personality development in himself. Truthfulness is the root of all good, while dishonesty is the root of all evil.