The Prophet Muhammad: A Simple Guide to His Life

In Muhammad—A Simple Guide to his Life Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that the Prophet of Islam not only presented God's religion theoretically, but also diligently followed it in practice. Therefore, he is not only one who has told us what to do, but is also one who has demonstrated a practical example of what he preached: 'Truly, you have in the Prophet of God an excellent model for him who fears God and the Last Day and who frequently remembers God.' (33:22) This verse, though revealed in the context of the battle of Ahzab, has a general application. According to this verse the Prophet's life serves as an excellent example (not complete model) for the believer. God's true servant is one who adopts the model presented by God's Prophet throughout his life. This book, in essence, provides a guide to the life of the Prophet Muhammad for anyone who wants to receive inspiration and guidance from the example of the prophet of Islam.