Muhammad: The Prophet of all Humanity

In the American publication entitled The Hundred, the author, Dr. Michael Hart, mentioning the one hundred people he believes to have exerted the greatest influence on human history, placed Prophet Muhammad at the apex. According to him “He (Prophet Muhammad) was the only man in history,” he writes, “who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.” (Dr. Michael Hart, The Hundred, New York, 1978) The English historian, Thomas Carlyle, refers to him as “the hero of the Prophets.” Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains this was so as the final revelation of God's will was to be conveyed to the people by him and, for posterity, the scriptures had to be preserved by him and subsequently by his devoted followers throughout the centuries. To ensure this train of events, the Prophet had to bring about a great revolution that would give him a following the world over. In Muhammad—The Prophet of All Humanity the author explains that, in making the Prophet Muhammad the greatest figure, and consequently one of the most resplendent landmarks in human history, God has bestowed his greatest favour on mankind. Whoever seeks guidance cannot fail to see him, for he stands out like a tower, a mountain on the horizon, radiating light like a beacon, beckoning all to the true path. It is inevitable that the seekers of truth will be drawn up to the magnificent pinnacle on which he stands.