The Garden of Paradise

In Garden of Paradise Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that God has created an ideal world called paradise. It is a world of everlasting joy and bliss. The search for such an ideal world is an instinctive urge in man. Everybody is searching for an invisible paradise; but none is able to find a paradise of such infinite blessings in the present finite world. God has reserved it for the next world. God has divided our lives into two parts: a short period on earth, and the rest in the hereafter. This world is for action. The next world is for reaping the rewards of our actions. Man is free to do as he wishes on earth, but his free will is no more than a test. Those who recognize this fact will submit to God of their own accord. They are the ones who are worthy of paradise. Those who deny this fact and proceed in whatever direction their impulse takes them, are offenders in God's sight. They will have no share in the blessings of the life-hereafr.